ARCO Day Services

Community activities that are fun, interesting, and helpful to others are what men and women enjoy when participating in ARCO's Day Services!
Being part of something larger than themselves, they easily contribute to their community and to each other, all the while growing in personally satisfying ways. Small group activities tailored to meet individual interests and needs include exercise programs, art, music, dance, cultural and educational programs, recreational and volunteer activities.

Lisa AEV

ARCO Virtual Day Services

Virtual Day Services came into existence out of need and response to the COVID-19 Pandemic when all in-person day services were put on hold. Our participants were sheltering safely at home, missing their daily activities, and socializing with their friends. So, ARCO had to get creative and go virtual. The participants log on every week through Zoom to attend art classes, Zumba workouts, cooking lessons, music instruction, and attend themed social events. Virtual Day Services continues our mission of community integration and giving our participants the opportunities they need to live their lives fully...Just VIRTUALLY!

Virtually staying connected to our community and learning new skills!

Fun, Engaging, & Safe

Do you have a talent, hobby, or skill that you would like to share with ARCO?

Our Day Services program is only as good as the volunteers who share their gifts.  ARCO needs local individuals with talents, hobbies, or passions to volunteer time and skills to help enrich the lives of participants of the day services program.  Skilled volunteers with caring hearts like local artist Sue Caldwell (pictured) open new pathways to self-discovery and fulfillment.